Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013... A new year...A new you...A new Journey...

Fire Snake in a Water Year.

"As the Water Year destroys the Fire Snake weakening it, this is an inauspicious year"...that's what they say..but I have other plans!!!

My biggest resolutions are not writing down 2012 anymore and sticking to my goals as long as possible. Hopefully longer than last year which was a mere 2 weeks before I forgot what goals I made!

So far I am on track and sticking to my 2013 goals like glue!

Saved my first $1.00 for this 1st week of the year!!
Started my Yoga exercise plan for stress relief and weight loss!
Started my 1st blog and sticking to it!!
Purchased a new android smart phone (finally no more nostalgia of a brick phone..)!! Whoo Hooo!!!!

It seems like the best ways to keep up with those New Year Resolution goals are to write them down/have your smartphones remind you, make them as specific as possible, keep track of your progress, re-evaluate the situation often and commit to making that change!

The best part of 2013 is that the Mayans were wrong!! Because of this I learned to stop worrying and to start enjoying life!

Until next time, budget and plan accordingly and try not to overspend!

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